Protest Panda - Live Performance documentary is OUT

Ciao troups, while we are waiting for the release of my 2019 album "Oh!...L'amore!", which is all about LOVE!... I though It'd be nice to do a bit of yin/yang... So, I released the Live Performance Documentary "Protest Panda" as an audio EP. The stuff was recorded at TPot Studio at the end of 2017. The video documentary, produced by David Owen Blackley (HNIM Productions), has been live on the HNIM Vimeo channel for a couple of years. Now you can download it as an album right on this website or stream it on all the usual platforms starting 17/06/19.

To put the work in context, by the end of 2017, there was a certain mood of deflation among socially engaged artists, well certainly I felt it. I had to step away from reading the news it was making me I had to release a protest album! The attempts to influence a progressive and equal society seemed to be failing. National media was displaying worrying signs of slipping standards and impartial broadcast was not available. Even more worryingly, the political interest displayed by young people in the previous couple of years was starting to vanish and there was a feeling that people were prepared to accept inequalities as a normal part of life in the U.K. As an independent songwriter I'm well aware of my irrelevance, but still, at least I could put out a few spontaneous and honest provocative little numbers...

You can watch the full live performance documentary here


"Protest Panda" (UK) Live Performance Documentary at Tpot Studio l 2017 from Her Name Is Murder Productions on Vimeo.

and of course download the audio EP from my shop here

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